Club History

The Golden Golf Club has a long history of committed community involvement that dates all the way back to June of 1935. This is when the golf club was first formed. In 1942 the club opened its first 5-hole golf course south of town near Reflection Lake. The Golden Golf Club was incorporated as a non-profit society in 1962 and continues under this designation in present day. Golfers were forced to travel through Roger's Pass to the Revelstoke Golf Club for official tournament rounds. During the 1970's attempts were made to develop a different golf club, however this development failed due to a lack of funds.

A strong desire for a local golf course grew within the community and a large fund raising effort was under way. Perhaps the most famous fund raiser was on September 29, 1984. 'The Longest Hole' was played the distance from Parson to Golden. This fund raiser claimed a Guiness Book World Record for the longest golf hole ever played. Roger Ross, Mike Ross, Lil Dewar, and Muzzy Grecco played the 20.25 mile hole in 271 strokes.

In 1985, the original 9-hole golf course opened exclusively for member play. Memberships cost $5.00 and rounds were a whopping $5.00 each. May of 1986 marked the official opening of the Golden Golf Club.