Membership FAQ's

Membership FAQ

  1. Do I need a Share to become a Member?
  2. Is there a Food and Beverage minimum in the Restaurant? Pro Shop?
  3. What happens if I cannot play one season due to an injury or an unforeseen circumstance?
  4. Is there a Trial Membership available?
  5. Are there other payment plan options or is just the eight month option available?
  6. How much does it cost for Club Storage, Driving Range Pass, or a Season Cart Pass?
  7. Does the Club host a lot of corporate or outside tournaments?
  8. Is League Play only open to Members?
  9. Are lessons and custom fittings available?
  10. How long is the golf season?
  11. When are the following year's Membership Fees decided?
  12. Who runs the Golden Golf Club?